• Share and Discover
    Your Dining Tastes

    Feastspot is a soon-to-be released website and mobile app that will show beautiful way to share and discover your dining tastes.Coming soon

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  • Enjoy, Social Eating!

    We will show you a new dish around the corner, the best burger in town or your favorite cocktail in a new city.

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  • All in one place!

    Search with your friends and trusted insiders to find, try, rate, review and share from all your favorite spots in one place!

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Share and discover your dining tastes...


What will I eat today?

Feastspot attacking the problem of "what will I eat today" in a totally different way.


Discover new places

Feastspot helps you discover new places and will show you "what is good" once you are there.


Share your favourites

Find, try, rate, review and share your favourites to help people to discover new tastes.